The staff at Altamaha Environmental Consulting, LLC, are specialists when it comes to herpetological surveys and other field projects. Drawing on 25 years of field experience in the southeastern Coastal Plain, we strive to fulfill our clients' needs in a timely, professional manner.

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Altamaha Environmental Consulting (LLC)
is named for the Altamaha River


Located in southeastern Georgia and one of the largest drainages of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Altamaha flows through a region renowned for its beauty and biodiversity.


The type specimen of the eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi), used by J.E. Holbrook in his description of the species, was found near the Altamaha River ca. 1842.


This impressive reptile, the longest snake species native to the United States, is a frequent commensal of burrows made by the gopher tortoise.


The indigo was federally listed under the Endangered Species Act as "Threatened" in 1978 - the species remains imperiled due to habitat loss and declining tortoise populations.